School Staff

Dusty Franklin, CJF, ASF, DipWCF


Dusty has been shoeing horses full-time since 1992 after working for his father, who is also a Certified Journeyman Farrier, for several years.  He has been involved in the horse industry for over 32 years as a youth competitor, amateur competitor, and now as a father of a youth competitor in both riding and farriery.  

In 1995, Dusty began working towards his Certified Farrier certification.  Soon after, he earned his certification as a Certified Journeyman Farrier.  In 1996, Dusty began competing in horseshoeing competitions around the United States and Canada, advancing from a Division I competitor to the Open Division within one year.  Dusty was asked to become an American Farrier's Association Certification Tester in 1997 and traveled to certifications working with Examiners.   He was then asked to become an American Farrier's Association Provisional Examiner in 1997 and traveled to certifications working with Examiners and became an Examiner in 2003.  He is currently one of twenty Examiners within the AFA that certify farriers under its current guidelines.  Dusty competed at the Convention Competition earning a spot on the American Farriers Association Team in February of 2009.  He was also nominated by members of the American Farrier's Association as "Outstanding Educator", "Outstanding Clinician" and "Edward Martin Humanitarian Award" in 2009 and was awarded the 2010 "Outstanding Educator". Dusty has written a practical study guide and a flash card system for preparing for the certification process called "Let's Get Practical" which is sold throughout the United States.

Dusty has been given the opportunity to attend and give clinics in Brazil, Canada, England, South Africa, Australia and throughout the United States.  He was asked to become a Mustad Clinician and travels giving clinics for Mustad/Delta around the United States, Canada,Brazil, South Africa and Australia.

Dusty has competed as a competitor on the American Farrier's Association Team and the World Championship Blacksmith Team.  He also won the hard-earned Stonewell Striker of the Year for 2011.  He has completed the F.I.T.S. Exam (Farrier International Testing System) which is an international farrier testing system and is now an Examiner with that organization and believes in further education through competition, certification and clinics.

He brings all these experiences back with him to his students. Dusty has been lucky to find a trade that he loves to do and his passion is teaching others to love their career and not just settle for a JOB.

Jerry Franklin, CJF


Jerry has been a farrier since returning from Vietnam in 1970 and has taught and apprenticed many young farriers over the past 45 years.  He passed his Certified Journeyman Farrier certification at the age of 50 and has competed in many farrier competitions. Jerry has a shoeing business in Texas and in the Minco area and spends time with the students and teaches at the school.

Staci Franklin


Staci has been involved in the farrier industry through Dusty over the past 24 years and has served many roles with the school and farrier world.  Staci has a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Education and fills the role as the Administrator at the school. She will be in charge of getting students enrolled and curriculum as well as working with veterans receiving their earned benefits all other enrollment issues.

Guest Clinicians


F.S.H.S is blessed to have guest clinicians come to the school and teach on occasion. We host clinics at least once a month and our students travel to clinics while attending school. We feel it's important for students to get more than one perspective and what better way to do that than to expose our students to farriers around the world.