FSHS Course Offerings


Introduction to Horseshoeing Course (Six Weeks – 288 clock hours)

      Tuition                                                                              $5,650.00

      Books and Supplies                                                        $350.00

      Anvil and Hand Tools                                                 $1,750.00

      Total                                                                                 $ 7,750.00

Basic Horseshoeing Course (Eight Weeks – 384 clock hours)

​       Tuition                                                                              $6,850.00

       Books and Supplies                                                        $350.00

       Anvil and Hand Tools                                                 $1,750.00

       Total                                                                                 $ 8,950.00

Advanced Horseshoeing Course (Twelve Weeks – 576 clock hours)

      Tuition                                                                               $8,400.00

      Books and Supplies                                                         $350.00

      Anvil and Hand Tools                                                  $2,000.00

      Total                                                                                $ 10,750.00

Professional Farrier Course (Twenty-four Weeks - 1152 clock hours)

       Tuition                                                                          $13,200.00

       Books and Supplies                                                      $350.00

       Anvil and HandTools                                                $2,200.00

       Total                                                                             $ 15,750.00

A.F.A. and F.I.T.S. Pre-Certification Course

Are you a farrier interested in continuing education preparing for certification? We offer a week long pre-certification course Monday through Thursday covering all aspects of both the AFA certification and FITS certification. The cost is $800 and includes housing for the first 10 people registered. We host a certification on the following Friday and Saturday (fees for certification is not included in this amount). Pre-registration is required.

2020 Schedule

March 23-27, 2020   - Pre-Certification Clinic (Must pre-register to attend)

March 27-28, 2020   - AFA Certification (Pre-registration required if completing the practical)

September 28 - Oct 2, 2020  - Pre-Certification Clinic (Must pre-register to attend)

October 2-3, 2020   - AFA Certification (Pre-registration required if completing the practical)

A.F.A. and F.I.T.S Certification

Pre-registration requested to ensure you have a horse for the practical if required.  

Fees for AFA Certification are $250 if taking the practical and $200 if taking only the written and/or shoe display.

Fees for the FITS Certification are dependent on number of candidates.